Dog Behavior Daily is the creation of Anne Springer, B.A., PCT-A, a professional dog trainer, business owner, author, and speaker who wants to bring heightened awareness of the benefits of behavioral wellness to the overall health and well being of our canine companions. In this way, it is hoped that more dogs will enjoy the benefit of a loving “forever” home where they feel safe and happy. By insuring behavioral wellness, fewer dogs may be relinquished to shelters or rescue groups, and more dog bites may be prevented, so that euthanasia for behavioral reasons becomes a rarity…

Please follow our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. Without your engagement our message of behavioral health is lost. Another of our goals is to encourage young people interested in careers with animals to pursue education leading to graduate degrees in applied animal behavior or veterinary medicine. To pique that interest, we offer some web sites to view.

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