When ‘getting the behavior’ isn’t the priority

NOTE: If your dog is fearful or aggressive, “sit-stay” may not be your best bet for rehabilitation, as shown in this piece by Maureen Backman, of the Muzzle Up Project.

Behavior, behavior, behavior! Sometimes, we as humans are in such a rush to get a dog’s behavior on perfectly on cue, we forget to determine whether “getting the behavior” is the …

Source: When ‘getting the behavior’ isn’t the priority

The Training Game

Caninus Adiestramiento-cognitivo Y Educación, in Spain, posted a video on their page. It reminded me that, no matter how eloquent a writer or speaker you are, it isn’t always necessary to say a lot to make a point, especially someone gives you an opportunity to simply show what it’s like to be the “dog” in a training scenario.  You can decide which “dog” you would rather be in this video of two humans being taught the same behavior in a Training Game.