What in the World to Get Fido?

What are you getting for the dogs on your holiday gift list? Here are a few suggestions that are designed for dogs whose owners appreciate their dogs’ need for comfort, safety, and fun.

How old is your dog’s bed? If you’ve ever slept on a worn out mattress, you know they become uncomfortable and they can harbor dust mites, too. WallyBeds come in all sizes and shapes, from donuts to duvets. Amazon has a selection of orthopedic dog beds if you have an older or arthritic dog who could benefit from some extra cushioning.

When Fido isn’t snoozing at night, perhaps he’s out for a walk. Safety dictates that you want him to be seen by any oncoming traffic as you walk along. The Pet’s Tech makes LED collars, leashes, and harnesses that the company claims can be seen up to 1000 feet away. Does your dog have a seat belt? If not, Kurgo has seat belts and other outdoor gear for your best buddy. Speaking of safety, if your dog does incur a slight mishap or become ill, pet insurance could be the best gift you ever gave him, even if he’d rather have roast beef in his stocking. You can get a no obligation online quote from Healthy Paws or one of many other companies that provide coverage for pets.

Do you have a dog that needs way more exercise than you can provide right now? There are some toys and games that can help provide both physical and mental stimulation, making it less likely for the dog to misbehave out of boredom. Most dogs love catching a ball, but tennis balls may wear down their teeth. Planet Dog’s Orbee is a nice alternative. Maybe your dog likes to play tug. How about a Ruff Dog Tug that’s non-toxic and made in the USA? Not a tugger? A flirt pole can provide lots of chase activity. Most working and herding breeds love these. Maybe your dog doesn’t care for chase games, but is a “foodie.” Such dogs often enjoy a Dog Treat Maze or similar food puzzle.
These are just a few suggestions. Many more interactive toys are available at Active Dog Toys.

Are you or a family member or friend wanting to give your dog a fenced play area bigger than a 6×12 kennel, but you don’t want the risks associated with shock fences? Dog fencing from Pet Playgrounds might be a great solution.

Whatever you get, just please remember to always supervise your dog when he’s playing with toys or engaged in other activities where injury could occur. Dogs like to chew, investigate, munch, and dissect things. Stay safe and have a fun holiday season whichever of the winter holidays you celebrate!

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